(10) How to keep health and purport of life in autumn

by admin on Январь 9, 2011

Nasty autumn weather creates a lot of health problems for people. This year I could not avoid the same troubles too. I would not like to colorful describe this “very popular” illness because its color palette is too pure but its unpleasant symptoms are known for everyone.

I am afraid Chinese doctors. As a result of language misunderstanding instead of cold I can easy get cancer. Last time, several years ago, I needed to pull out a tooth. A dentist said me that he cannot do that for any money. According their practice they can pull out only good health teeth but this one is ill. He was ready to pull out any other but not this. He prescribed me four names of drugs in eight packs to treat the tooth. That dentist was really good specialist, he did not pull that tooth out at all. He reconstructed it for big money. This tooth is “alive” up to now for eight years. Indeed I do not need it (it is eighth and it is single in that side of my mouth) but I love it because this expensive souvenir is a small monument to Chinese medicine, which is always with me.

This time I have chosen another way. Fortunately my life experience and physical education allow me to solve many medicine problems without assistance.

The first step is diagnosis. It was practically obvious: something between chill and antritis. Then I chose two methods of treatment. Both have a strict physical (it means medical too) base. These must be actions to the place where illness is located.

I started to pump sage potion by nose through the plastic tube. It is not pleasure, of course, but quite tolerantly. When I wanted to break this execution I always remember my son. He tried to solve more complicated problem: to pull a lace through nose into the mouth. This is not the treatment against some kind of disease. He wanted to do that for the sake of pleasure as a yogi. It is a dream of any junior yogi. He had even some successes on this way measured in millimeters of a lace pushed into the nose. Pulling solution through a nose does not have so deep philosophical understanding as pushing a lace but the first one is more simple, easy and useful. May be these are two sides of one medal. The first one makes a man healthy; the second gives him wisdom and purport of life.

What about my second “drug”? It is sleeping with closed eyes. There is no any mistake here. I close eyes by wool headscarf. I tie it as a bandage on the eyes. The sense of that procedure is to warm the upper part of nose, antritis region during a whole night. I am sure this regime of heating of the most optimal: it is smooth and long term.

As they say: “Follow this way keep a doctor away…”

Readers can find below useful instruction about self-medication in pictures.

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